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Feed the Rocker Screen Capture - Alley
Backstage Alley
Feed the Rocker Screen Capture - Fixin the Van
Fixin the Van

Who is The Rocker ?

He feels your pain and turns it into music. He experiences a hard-luck life and turns it into music. He eats snacks in unusual situations.

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A Fun Game For All You Rockers !

Are you Rock Enough?
Musicians need to work at their craft to earn the right to play for the masses, but necessities don't come cheap. See if you got what it takes to keep The Rocker well fed with tasty snacks.

Use Cool Rock Gear
Make 'interesting' music while bouncing food into The Rocker's mouth and earning special prizes along the way.

Share With Your Friends and Honeys
Sharing The Rocker's story with your Facebook friends. Earn cool rocking virtual gifts to give to your friends and build your Karma.

Media contact:
Derek Asato or Luis Levy
The Bohle Company
310 785 0515 Ext 201 / 204

derek@bohle.com / luis@bohle.com




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